discovery pico

What is Discovery Pico Laser?

Discovery PICO uses the most advanced laser technology for the treatment of pigmented lesions, aged skin and tattoos.Laser pulses generate a pure photoacoustic effect which targets the pigments, leaving the surrounding tissues unaffected.

The Pico Laser works in ultrashort picosecond laser pulses instead of nanosecond pulses in a Q-Switched Laser.Compared to traditional Q-Switched lasers that break down the pigmented particles in granules, Discovery PICO, by the use of powerful picosecond pulses, fragments the particles in a really thin “dust”, which is easier to be eliminated by the body immune system.

By emitting at both 532 nm and 1064 nm wavelengths, Discovery PICO can treat different tattoo colors, superficial and deep pigmented lesions also by using Q-Switched and Photo-Thermal (free-running) pulse emission modes. As an exclusive feature of this laser, the Photo-Thermal mode permits to treat also the aged skin (skin rejuvenation) effectively.


  • Pigmentation reduction
  • Acne marks clearance
  • Brighter and tighter skin due to collagen stimulation
  • Reduction in fine lines
  • Faster and more effective removal of tattoos

Clinical Case

皮秒雷射 皮秒

Frequently QA

Side effects?

A small portion of patients can experience a pinkish flush or mild itchiness after the laser, which goes away within a few hours.

What should I avoid after the treatment?

You can return to work or daily activities immediately after the laser. However, it is advised to stay avoid prolonged or intentional strong sun exposure for a week after the laser to avoid hyper-pigmentation.

For certain patients, some greying/browning/darkening of the existing pigmentation may be expected before it fades off. This is normal and one shouldn’t be worried as it will fade off soon.

How much dose the treatment cost?

500USD~850USD/per time

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